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How to Submit a tournament

All Tournaments are to be listed in their appropriate year/state listing. Your tournament will automatically be picked up in the special listings if they apply. At the bottom of the page of the appropriate year/state is a Submit A Tourmament Link which you can select to enter your tournament.

Step by Step Instructions for Submitting all tournaments

  • Please click on the appropriate year of the tournament for all youth tournaments. If your tournament is for Adults or International events select them instead. (links on the left)

  • Click on the appropriate state for youth or the appropriate sub category for Adult or International. (in the middle column)

  • Once you are displaying the approprate listing page, move to the bottom of the screen and click the "Submit a Tournament" link.

  • Complete the request form with the appropriate information and hit submit

We will add your tournament after we verify your information. We visit each and every site submitted to insure quality information.

Submitting your site is free



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